“Gross! I Pooped and Put it In the Fridge!” A Dream Interpretation.

Dear Satya:

Q: Okay, this is kind of gross, but I’m really curious… I’m standing alone in a nice, big kitchen in a house that feels somewhat communal. I have to go to the bathroom, but I don’t want to use one of the bathrooms because I want to avoid people knowing. The next thing I know, I’ve pooped in a plastic compost container and am placing the full container in the refrigerator! I know I intend to flush it all later. It’s really full and gross. Later, I am in another room and there’s a crew of people, in their 30s, happy, gathered and cooking in the kitchen. I have anxiety that the container will be discovered. When they leave, I go to the fridge and find that someone has dumped and cleaned the container and that it’s now full of cooked white rice. What?!

A: Awesome! Yes, in a way this is a totally gross dream. Fine. But the symbols behind it are also pretty awesome. Here’s the quick-and-dirty (so to speak) about poop dreams: they can very directly reflect what’s going on in our “psychic digestive systems.” The psychological processing of things is not unlike physical digestion in the way it works: we take things in, process them, integrate the nutrients, and release the waste.

When life throws us things that are requiring more of our attention, poop dreams often show up. The dreams are pointing to the need to digest something, to fully take something in, or they can point-out problems with the processing. With “psychic digestion,” there are endless social norms that can keep us from properly integrating what we take in. Each day, the emotions, experiences, memories, relationships, stimulus, information, and conversations in our lives cannot all be fully digested because we don’t have the time, or we get interrupted, or we’re at work and on deadline. Too much of the external expectations and not enough of the internal awareness can leave us constipated, or sick. Symbolically and literally. In this dream, you’re scared to go to the bathroom because other people are around. This can suggest that you have needed to process something that’s happening in your life away from others, or that you were unnecessarily concerned about the opinions of others in regards to what you’re sorting through.

I say this in the past tense, because this dream has a full conclusion. To start, you do poop, reflecting that something that you were processing (a relationship struggle? a work difficulty?) has worked its way through your system (you’ve found some clarity with it), but before you let it go completely, you put it in the fridge! You “put it on ice.” Something more was to be done.

The critical, wonderful twist to this dream comes when you discover that the poop is no longer in the bin and that there is cooked rice in its place! Wow. This kind of image reversal is known as alchemy, the act of turning stone into gold, or the psychic human equivalent, poop into food: the S*&t of life into personal growth. This is a pretty literal symbol when you look at it that way. (The compost bin, if you consider the concept of compost, is the other symbol that really points to this.)

This theme of transition is such a crucial one in dreams that I know we’ll have to explore it more soon. For now, I would venture to say that this dream is reflecting that you have successfully processed through some things recently and have turned the experience into nutrients for a new beginning. Get to know those people in the house who helped you do that. They’re your allies and support and good parts of you to know for the future.

Have you had a dream like this? Leave a comment and share!

Satya is a Jungian psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in dream work, the quarter-life crisis, and work with individuals in their late teens, 20s, and 30s. www.QuarterLifeCounselor.com


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  3. Anonymous

    totally had an odd dream last night i CAAANNT stop thinking about, since my health is on my mind! I’m a 21 year old female with digestive health issues as of my 20th birthday, seeming to fluctuate between stable and passing “alright” and considerably healthier stool and then very undigested and super uncomfortable many variety colored stool… side note.

    another side note, i have been suffering from some constipation since mid june of this year, 2015. my dream came to me last night (8/22/2015 fell asleep at 12 am) , and in this dream, i had to have been in Reno Nevada, in what i believe a portion of my boyfriends Grandmothers house i just visited earlier this month in the physical, but the setting in my dream must have been a place on her property i vaguely remember because i havent seen it but felt comfortable in it. it was night in this portion, and i was in a darker warm feeling comfortable room. think i was on my way to the bathroom, or in my head i communicated “on my way to do a or ‘routine’ or ‘ritual’ some r word,” in this dark cozy room…. suddenly I was surprised and startled to see my boyfriends cousin who was coming out from under a bunk bed. It became more lit in the room, from dark to dimly lit as he crawled out from under the bed. I asked him why he was hiding under a bunk bed, he gave me some answer i didnt find much truth in and didnt remember what he said. i think he spoke ” uhh very, um yeah. garbison” or spoke some gibberish…i was very confused though our convo so I ask “what?” and look away to the right and he changes into a completely different person when i look back.. this person i can’t recall ever knowing in the physical, both times these guys were shirtless like they were coming out of the pool ( the one at the house my boyfriends cousin was staying at, which he did swim in that day.) then i remember being totally not caring and completely over whatever 2 second conversation me and this other guy were having after reading this guys intentions by examining face, and not down to play any weird emotional romantic creepy games, because i love my boyfriend, I happily and semi scoffed at the guy and walked into a bathroom that was white in every way. oddly it had a couple toilets, two or three, with stalls that seemed to be there but not really there. very bright room, completely lit. i didn’t pay much attention in there, but knew i had never been to this bathroom and even communicated that to myself in the dream. but i haddddd to go to the restroom. i sat on the first toilet i saw. no urine, only stool. my first poop was very relieving to pass and felt healthy and good to do. when i looked into the toilet, i prepared for the worst since i have bowel issues, but to my delight it looked to be a slightly larger sized but normal healthy poop a little tiny bit soft, very easy to come out. relief on my face and in my mind. then i passed another stool, that was the same size, completely formed just a sliiight bit harder to come out that was completely white and had larger pieces of green undigested leaves through out it in like 5 spots, evenly dispersed on the poop but they glistened and looked like gems or emeralds. i said “they look like gems” in my head, as i examined these stools from my own first perspective. i examined the first stool first as i passed it, and the second stool second in their complete separate entireties, and then i examined them briefly again after passing both and standing up to look back at the toilet before flushing- and in this cognitive activity saw the two ppops that seemed slightly stuck together like two sausages in a link. i asked out loud in a monotoned loud volumed voice not worried or too concerned as if i was talking to someone, anyone who would listen, “is this okay? am i okay?” and between when i asked the question and was walking away i flushed the toilet and was happy for doing that, and throughout the process of pooping i was never overly worried and walked out of the bathroom relieved, confident, and kindof hopeful for the future, as if i was looking forward to it. but my question was not answered at all. dream ends. i hardly remember dreams because i smoke so much cannabis, and this one stuck with me. i have not been smoking less or more. i love remembering my dreams :)

    After last nights dream, this morning i woke up and had a very unpleasant stool that was soft and relieving but when i looked down actually completely liquid and slightly undigested food parts in there, but a very healthy color like the first stool from the dream, something that is rare for me as of recent. when i have diarrhea it is yellow or green. For the past two days I have been having big emotional fights with my boyfriend, and two days ago the stress of our fighting and screaming and threatening to move out- well the stress from all of this moved my bowels an hour after we stopped fighting. i was pretty happy to see this bowel movement was a sign of progress in my constipation. but now, after having this dream i am a little mroe worried for my health and have a high spiritual belief in interpreting dreams to match our waking physical life, and would love insight into this dream. i am not “seeking medical avdice” with this, but would love to hear about anything medical that comes to your mind that youd like to share with me, as i love new information. everything is meaningful. thank you for reading :)

    • satyabyock

      Thanks for sharing your dream. Just a quick response here: your hope for the future after this dream correlates with the poop shifting to gems. This is the classic alchemical image of earth into gold, or the shit of life into consciousness and greater awareness. Something of this fighting with your boyfriend may be developing your awareness about things. Keep working the relationship and explore how features of your boyfriend’s cousin are lurking within your relationship. There’s a lot to explore in this dream.

      Worth keeping in mind that long term use of marijuana can also have severe effects on digestion. This is out of my scope of practice, but taking care of your stomach is of primary importance in taking care of your mental health. As this dream indicates, physical digestion and psychic processing are identical though one is material and one is consciousness.

      • Anonymous

        thank you very much for your interpretation :) i appreciate your advice, and the time you took reading my dream!i definitely have hope, and as an aries am coming into such a transformative time on my work and health ethics thanks to uranus and jupiter. thank you!

  4. 882

    Very interesting! I dreamed last night that I had booked in 6 x 30 minute massage/reiki appointments for friends and family and was preparing to do them all in one day. I prepared my table and workspace and realized I needed to go to the bathroom before they started arriving so I went into the room next door and urinated in the refrigerator – twice! It was turned on and operational but had no food in it. At one point it did occur to me that this was highly inappropriate but I sort of brushed it off like “meh – you gotta go . . . you gotta go!”

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