“Someone is Trying to Break Into My House!” A Dream Interpretation.

Dear Satya:

Q: I have a recurring dream that someone is trying to break into my house. It’s usually a very scary man, maybe about forty years old. (I get chills even thinking about him now). When I wake up from this dream, I often have to get out of bed to make sure the door is locked before I can go back to sleep.

break in dreamA: Oh dreamer, this is such a common theme. I’m glad you brought it to our attention so we can work through it together. You want these dreams to go away and stop taunting you, I know. You wonder what they could possibly mean and why they’re afflicting you. They’re disturbing your sleep and penetrating your waking life with the fear they contain. These dreams are very important dreams, but they rarely mean anything like what you’re likely to think they do.

First of all, I’d like to refer you to a little post I wrote about recurring nightmares. Please give it a read to help gauge what type of nightmares you typically suffer from. It can be important to identify some trauma history around nightmares, in addition to overall symbolism.

Okay, before we go on, I need to ask you to do one more thing: Get a piece of paper and a pen. Go on… I know it’s old fashioned. Now take a moment to go back into the feeling of this dream, then write down as many descriptors of this scary guy as you can muster. But write down what he’s like besides being scary. Does he have a job? Does he have a family? What do you know about him that you might be surprised to know. Then, finally, ask yourself what you think he wants from you.

It’s really important that you try to get to know this guy because he is your shadow. He’s you. I know, it’s yucky to hear that, but keep listening. This is important stuff. When we have an idea of who we are, our perspective about ourselves can become kind of rigid and fixed. Those things you avoid acknowledging about yourself to feel more comfortable don’t just go away. They get cut-off from your awareness and then tend to fester and get pissed. In your dreams, they turn into actual figures, and they can turn kind of primal and wild in their frustration at being neglected. These figures are part of your whole person, but they’re being left out in the cold. No wonder they want to break in.

So, the underlying sense in this dream is that you feel under attack. You likely feel like you’re under attack or in danger in some form out in the world too. But your dreams are telling you something very clearly here: despite all the dangers in the world that may cause a person to feel fear, you are currently under attack by your own self. Nothing more. Get real with yourself here. Try to be gentle and forgiving. Take your time. What are you running from? What are you trying not to notice? Who are you scared of being?

The answer to these questions can be found in gently trying to understand who this figure is that’s trying to break-in. There may also be information in what house you’re in in these dreams. Is it your current home or a childhood home, for instance? Notice what time of your life these dreams are situated in, and you may gather more information about what part of your life they’re speaking to.

As you do this exploration, take heart! There is always a happy ending when these dreams resolve. You will find that this man actually just wanted to tell you he loved you, for instance. Or he may hand you flowers. I know this might sound absurd, but this man is not as scary as he feels. The anticipation of jumping out of a plane is scarer than the jump itself (or so I’ve heard…). Similarly, anticipating an encounter with someone you’re trying to avoid tends to be worse than the encounter itself. Try not to think about this too much, but work on engaging with this man a little more directly–either in your dreams, if you can, or in waking life projected onto strangers or people you don’t like. Get to know him and what he wants. Try not to avoid him internally or externally. Discover what’s happening when you start to feel under attack in waking life. Stay safe, but also bring your guards down a little. Get curious. You may discover that your life changes in positive ways as this happens. And you’ll be surprised by how.

P.S. You may enjoy listening to this Radio Lab episode called “Haunted Dreams” in which a man who has been plagued by the same dreams as you–for twenty years!– finds a way to make them stop. It’s a great episode but–spoiler alert–they stop rather short of explaining why the dreams were there in the first place and what changed for the man after the dreams stopped. Perhaps your own exploration into this territory can illuminate those questions further.

Have you had a dream like this? Leave a comment and share!

Satya is a psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in dream work, the quarter-life crisis, and work with individuals in their 20s and 30s. www.QuarterLifeCounselor.com


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Satya,

    I just read a reply to a question in September about a recurring dream of someone’s home being threatened.

    I have a similar problem I really hope you could please help me with.

    I have been having similar dreams for the past week, lastnight I dreamt it was day time and a black van pulled up loudly outside, luckily my front curtains were shut so my young daughter and I were able to hide and then I woke up but I was terrified they would look through an open curtain around the back. I don’t know who was in the van but It seems that they didn’t get out.

    Another dream I was frantically checking all of my doors and windows in the middle of the night because I had a feeling someone could get in but there was no one around.

    Iv never seen anyone in the dreams and no one has ever tried to get in its just this fear of someone breaking in.

    I live alone with my 3 y/o in a pretty good neighbourhood, but I am now more wary of keeping my doors locked during the day. Before this started I answered a question on facebook to other mums asking who locked their doors during the day etc and who didn’t. It made me more conscious to keep them locked and I think that’s when the dreams started. Iv recently started seeing someone aswell and I’m trying my best to take things slow as I tend to jump into new relationships pretty quick.

    I hope you can please, please help me!

    • Satya Byock

      Getting rid of dreams like this takes some time and emphasis on your own self-care. While I don’t know, these dreams are unlikely to be premonitions. In other words, they’re far more likely to be about 1) unacknowledged or unprocessed fear, like a terror or fear of having put your daughter in danger after having read those other women’s posts, or 2) some aspect of your own self development that you’re avoiding — scary dreams of someone trying to break in are very often related to an avoidance of something that is seeking integration into your character or self but that you’re avoiding. Again, it will take alone time and self-care to allow these things to emerge. Avoidance will keep the dreams coming back.

      • Ivy Latimer Garland

        I had a look at dream where we were at the doctors and my brother received a phone call from a number:60602 so he answered it and it said I’m coming so after the appointment we went home and put the number in on Google later that day a man with black curly hair came into our house and wanted me and all of our toys so I asked to be his friend he said no it all happened in the current household I live in if you have any advice please please let me know x

    • Avaneesh

      I have also seen some one breaking into my house but he can’t as the dream was over. But I saw that, that dacoit who was trying to break into my house was wearing a black burkha and was blowing a pipe(an instrument used in parade) he was tall , brownish in colour,and had curly hair with a sword in his hand.

    • Emily

      I am 16 (Female) and I have been having reacurring nightmares about a man ( can never remember his face ) in my back garden while me and my family are inside the house and has the intention to hurt me and my family. I think I usually know that he is coming but for some reason I am never fast enough to escape with my family – it is never usually the same man though its just.. a man. When I wake up ( usually around 4 am) I still feel the dream is so real – I shake all over and am too scared to move or open my eyes because I feel that the dream is so real and I think I am scared the man is in my room. I stay awake for about an hour after that not moving and thinking of ways that I an going to help my family escape if that ever happens – I have told my family about it and even tried to re-hearse it with them because I was so scared. I have been having these nightmares constantly for about 2 months since I watched a few crime documentaries – I stopped watching them soon after however because of the fear they were leaving me with – I would have to sleep in my mums room with the light on because I was so sure something terrible was going to happen. Sorry this was so long – hopefully someone replies to this as it would be very useful to know a way to help prevent these fears or to know why I am having dreams like this.

    • Allison

      I had a dream about people breaking into my house just a while ago. I woke up afraid and it brought me here trying to find answers.The thing is I know the people in my dream. There were three people trying to get in my parent’s house and I was alone. It happened day time and I even had the chance to scream for help from my neighbors but it felt like no voice was coming out from my mouth. I kept trying to scream until my neighbor heard me. The funny thing is that neighbor of mine is currently on bed rest because she is old and sick. Going back to the people breaking in, two of them are women and only one man. These women are my friends in grade school. It’s funny because I had a cat fight with these two at that time but we’re good. I never saw and talk to these women after graduation. That was 14 years ago and I never saw them since then. The man in my dream was my classmate in high school but we were never close. It’s weird. What is happening in my dream is they were trying to enter the house and I kept screaming, “there’s a thief!” They failed to enter because I fought them off. I went outside and somewhere on the rooftop fighting with them. I remember tying their hands, all three of them with copper wire and using my strength to hold them off while I wait for my neighbors to call the police. I kept asking them, “why?”. They answered, “because of our experience.” When the wire broke, they escaped and I went inside the house and locked the window. I was really scared. Can anyone help me with an explanation?

    • Mariah

      I had a dream that scared me and paralyzed me in shock. I was locked outside after my nanny for my daughter said there was a fire which is why it was so cloudy. I went outside to see and, I tried to go in my backyard..but as alwaysI get scared when I see a car. So I saw a car thats when I looked around ( I was at my backdoor that connects to my driveway ) and he was wearing a (cowboy-like) Hat and looked mid-fifty to the fortys. I tried to get back inside when I saw that happened.. cause I mean my nanny, child, and my cat were stuck inside. But, the door was locked, and boy I was scared. He drove over the curb going into the street not my house. ( my house is a bigger house, but it just looks like it from the outside which is a target for money??) which is why I get scared easily, as my sisters have broke in, and others before. But, I thought he was the person who was gonna put my house on fire or shoot my family only because he looked like he was mad and stuff… What, and why did I have this dream?

  2. Hailey

    Hi Satya, I’ve been having a similar dream and I’d do anything to make it stop.
    I’ve always had bad dreams even when I was a kid that someone was inside my house and wouldn’t leave me.
    My boyfriend and I moved in together a few months ago and I have a realistic nightmare every night. Seriously, so realistic that in my dream it’s of me sleeping in that very moment. I’ll have a dream that my boyfriend wakes me up and tells me that there’s someone standing in the corner of our room staring at me. Or me and him being asleep and someone coming in our front door taunting us by hiding in the living room or other rooms throughout the house. These dreams usually happen when he leaves for work at 7 am. I’ll go back to sleep and have dreams of just me someone in the house or the house falling apart or someone being in there coming towards me but all I can see is figures or hear footsteps. I always try to wake myself up in my dream but I can’t. It’s my physical self in my dream telling my sleeping self to wake up. It’s so weird. It scares me so bad to where I cannot sleep. I’ve taken sleeping medicine and I don’t know what else to do but a nightmare like this happens at least once a night for the past 6 months.
    Please help me if you can

    • amokosene

      Hi Hailey

      I am not Satya but I hope my response will be helpful.

      My cousin used to have the same dream and it also occurred only when her husband left really early for work. She stopped the dream by putting on Hillsong and letting it play softly every morning when her husband left. She believed it to be a bad spirit. I don’t know whether you are a religious or spiritual person, but try to play music that will calm you down as you sleep, that will somehow make you feel protected. this calmed her down and she stopped having those dreams.

      However, it could also be sleep paralysis. Some people deal with it by sticking their tongues out and wiggling them to “wake up” their bodies. I don’t know how well this works though.

      Good luck and I hope the bad dreams go away.

    • Anonymous

      I had same dream for 2o years similar to yours.mine finially went away when i confronted a vouyer in the window! I have been a victim of sexual abuse since i was young by a variety of men. Once i confronted a man while he was in the middle of showing himself through the window it stopped! Their may be a voice in YOU that is afraid? Confront it and it nay stop?

      • C

        Last night I had a dream in a big house. My gran and I were alone. In the beginning I had a feeling that someone wanted to come in and harm us. I went to the back door and it wasn’t locked and just as I locked it he banged against the door. I closed all the curtains but everywhere I was he was too. I physically felt that my chest was aching. I didn’t recognise the house nor the man. I remember I was constantly checking my phone and tried to press the panick button several times. Just when I looked outside he came to the window and that’s when I woke up.
        Please help xx

  3. Mary Garcia

    Hello Satya, I had a dream, I heard someone going out of my apartment, I could hear him (somehow I thought it was a him) closing the door and gate, as if he didn’t need to be silent while leaving. I try to wake up my boyfriend who was sleeping right next to me but he was snoring and wouldn’t wake. So I get out of bed and go outside to the toilet, the toilet is made of glass, and I see some security guards with torches looking into the wooden window door (window from ceiling to floor) talking to each other and assuming this was the entrance that the man came in from and then they close the door and walk away. They don’t see me. I get out of the toilet and go straight to bed and wake my boyfriend up, and at this same time, one friend walks in and says that they are looking for something inside a box we have inside our room. It’s not a hotel, but the feeling of it is a place where anyone can just walk in. I then wake up in the middle of the night without being able to stop thinking about it.

  4. Mandy Prong

    Hello Satya, I’ve actually been having this nightmare many times, I’ll be at my old house maybe sleeping or something and someone will break in, now it’s never the same person throughout my dreams but also the same thing, I’ll see them I could either get murdered or find a way out of my house but the man would chase me.. but last night I had the same dream except in my new house (I just moved into this house about a year and a couple months ago) but it’s never been included within my nightmares, in the dream the man (probably middle 30’s long brown hair, blue eyes, about 6’2″ wearing a Jean jacket and long Jean pants with a black t shirt and black shoes,) broke into my house around the time of 2 but when he got into my room I told him he doesn’t have to hurt me I’ll go into the living room, he gave me a look the truly looked caring almost and said “Oh okay” when i got to the living room I then jumped down the stairs and made a break for it out of my house and called the police little to know he bolted after me (being chased by a strange man at night while it was raining out isnt the best thing) and ended up chasing me I hid in my friends house but it seemed odd being there like I wasn’t welcome where I’ve gone many many times, I left but I started being clingy to my family and friends at that point I couldn’t be left alone in the house the man never touched me, near the end of the dream (or at least until I woke up scared, out of breath for some reason) I called my stepdad and found out my mom and stepdad had broken up I begged them not too but that’s when I awoke, it’s odd that I have Deja vu while typing this… do you think you could help me..

  5. Noelle

    This sounds somewhat similar to a dream. It left me very unnerved. Imy hoping you could help give a little clarity.

    I was in my current apartment, and my roommate was asleep in her room. The doorebell range. I looked through peephole and saw no one there. I turned around to walk away, but thought it strange, so I turned to check the peephole again. Just as I got my eye to the hole, I saw a black figure. No distinction, just black mass. In the second of seeing that, it broke the door down.

    I went flying, and landed on the floor feeling a painful tingling sensation in my head as it charged towards me. I tried to scream my roommate’s name, but she couldn’t hear me. In my head I started hearing wake up wake up, and that is when I woke up.

    I’m sure you understand why this freaked me out.

  6. Shelby stone

    hello everyone, so I have been having dreams of someone breaking into my house repeatedly for the past 10 years now. When the dreams first started I was younger and they were a lot scarier and I felt more helpless in my dreams but now when I have a dream like this I act against the intruder in defense of my house. The dreams don’t bother me to much anymore because I’m used to them and don’t scare me anymore but I would just like to know why I have these dreams so much and for such a long period of time. thank you!

  7. Blake

    Im having a “breaking into my house dream” as well but the people who are breaking into my home seem to be real murderous.The first dream it was just one guy with a knife and it took place at my grandma’s house, the second one it ended up being two guys with guns and it took place at one of my old homes when I was kid, and the most recent one I had today was at my uncle’s house but this time the robbers were a man and woman but this one was different. This time instead of just being a spectator like I was in the other dreams I was actually present in this one. ( I attempted to fight back a little but this was the end result) The burglars made a line up of people I’ve seen before and people I didn’t even know and they where shooting them one one by one. I was shot twice before I woke up. I’m afraid to go to sleep sometimes in fear of the next house that will be featured in these recurring nightmares is the house I’m in now.

  8. Rodrigo Mazutti

    I dreamed a thief entered my house last night. In the dream I was supposed to go to a place with my mother, my uncle and aunt (her mentally-ill siblings she looks after, whom I also live with in real life). The place I refer to is a church, a meeting for special need people which I attend once or twice a year(in real life). In my dream my mother went with the rest of the family and I stayed, only to gaze at the fence and see a man trying to jump over. I then shouted “Stop thief” and my neighbors soon came with the police then I was taken to the local sheriff’s office to press charges. I don’t remember seeing the man. It didn’t really matter to me. All I cared was the damage he could have caused if he had indeed enetered; The things he could have taken had he made it in. I felt relieved because my things were intact, but at the same time preoccupied. I even woke up thinking: “What if someone really breaks in to take away the equipaments I have in my room which costed me so much money? I am looking forward to hearing back from you on the meaning of this dream.

    • satyabyock

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Thank you for writing.

      Unfortunately, time doesn’t allow me to offer interpretations to dreams over email these days. (My blog has sadly gone well out of date.) But I appreciate you sharing your dream and would encourage you to contemplate this interpretation.

      How does that dream relate to yours? What can you learn from it? I think there are some lessons in there for you to work with.

      Try not to take it literally.

      Do not get more afraid of what is outside, but more curious of what is inside… this will help all on its own.

      Warm wishes to you,

      • Brett

        I been having a dream ever Sins I was little. It’s a naked woman there would be times. Where I would be in bed I see her comeing down stairs and she looks at me. Smileing comeing to me. I always been scared to death to sleep. And there will be times she will be beside the bed and she will wake me up and try to get me to go upstairs with her I already get so scared I can’t move and I pass out. And sometimes I try to act like I’m still asleep it been this way ever Sins I was little the same woman over and over again. And the I use to leave with my mama. But now I live back in my old house but it seen like the dreams kept happening at the house i am liveing in but what’s scareds me more there would be times where I would go in my room all th time upstairs and then I would would hear noses and one day I saw someone hiding under the table as I could see out of my right eye it looks like the woman in my dreams I ran down stairs and I never been back up again. Am I crazy can you tell me what’s going on.

      • satyabyock

        Brett — thank you for your message. I wish I could help you, but I do very little interpretation online anymore. Please see a Jungian therapist / Analyst who can help you. These dreams can be resolved and go away. I strongly encourage you to find someone to work with. You’ll be glad you did!

      • Helen

        Why do you think my dream is never in a familiar house but it seems like I’m supposed to be there like it’s a family vacation home or something? Strangely I did talk to one of the trying-to-be intruders last night before I even read this article, and he was trying to stay there because he was homeless and maybe he had before since it was a vacation home. I’d love to know what you think. This is a recurring theme but the house and situation is always different. My dream last night also included a reoccurring cemetery/weird garden- I said in the dream “I’ve dreamed this place before!” Thinking maybe it was real for a moment. Hmmm not the best word, “real” because I don’t really want to minimize the dream world.


    I saw a dream that someone entered to my house by climbing up the door of my house.In a moment the two old man and old lady was at my staircase door, Then i rapidly locked my door and went outside shouting “HELP ME!”. Afterwards i was standing in my kitchen then again the old strangers came from my kitchens door. i was too much scared then i asked my son to “grab a stick and give it to me”.My son gave it to me as i said. then i hit the stick on the two strangers head and again they said”we will not let you live too;we will come again and again”.”we have also disturbed your neighbors from a long time and we will also not let you live”.

    This was my dream i am very horrified and scared and i am looking forward for your reply!

    Thank You
    Ruby Riar.

    • satyabyock

      Ruby — I’m sorry you had this scary dream. Based on my interpretation above, what can you discern about your own dream? Can you try to talk with these figures through your journal and get to know them? Again, read the interpretation I wrote and see what you can apply for your own dream.

  10. Amber Ferrari

    This is irrelevant to the situation but, one night i woke up in the middle of the night, and said to myself out loud “I’m going toilet” and next thing i hear is “OH NO YOU DONT” and my door slams shut. I jumped back into my blankets but then, i decided to turn the light on. The door was still open and it was all fine.. Therefore i was half awake half asleep. I sprinted into my grandparents room because that was the closest room, and you’d expect that from a 6/7 year old. I woke my nan up crying and she told me i will be fine, i crawled back into bed and i fell asleep. Next morning i woke up on the floor and did i mention i was on the top bunk without rails? Yeah so I woke up lying on the floor, didnt feel a thing when i fell off the bed. But when i woke up my hand began aching and aching, it was bruised and it just felt so terrible. A couple years go by and it was 2015, I went down to see my grandparents and i was telling the story about what happened. My grandparents then told me that they heard the voice, and the door slamming shut.. Now i am so thankful that i dont live in that house anymore. So i dont really know what this was, was it a dream or a nightmare or even possibly real life? because i dont really believe in supernatural things so i dont know what to think. I hope you can help me, if this was a dream. and tell me what it means.

    • satyabyock

      Hi Amber — this sounds very scary! I’m very glad you’re exploring what it meant for you. There’s too much here to “unpack” over the comments section. I’d want to talk with you over several sessions of therapy to explore this with you in depth. But I would encourage you to read this book by Carl Jung someday, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections: http://amzn.to/2cIDfyf

      Sending you my best,

  11. Georgina

    Last night I had a dream someone was attempting to break in my place . I woke my fiancé and two children and told them we had to sneak out of the window and go. The man ended up leaving and had someone else come do it for him. Finally we were out and ran all the way down the back yard into the woods. He found is and I woke up.

  12. Wade

    I had a dream of a man in my house.I’ve had this dream twice.I no the man. it a very scary dream and disturbing.I always have a feeling that someone is in the house l.in the first dream all I remember is telling him he could go too prison for murdering us.in the second dream my lights went out so I checked the breaker box and found a set of bullhorn on the bed and new they were out of place so I checked the rooms again and found the man layed under the bed and hit him in the leg with the horns and he grabbed a bat and I ran down the hall to my wife and told her to call 911 he grabbed her phone I managed to get mine and told him he could go too prison for this and the dream ended..

  13. Lizzie

    I have been having a dream for almost all of my life where I am outside my house or I am about to go outside and I see this car but when ever this happens then I already know what is going to happen in the dream because I have it so often, so in the dream after I see this car I run back inside and lock the door, when which the person in the car has already gotten out the car and up to my front door (the door I locked). But because of me feeling so afraid in these dreams I run to all the doors and lock them and hide in a place where I can see my back door to my backyard. Once the person comes round to my back door they always tend to look into my house trying to search for me (the person is different in every dream and the most recent one I had Harley Quinn from The Suicide squad movie) but I get scared in the dream that they will somehow break in but that’s the point that I wake up… I’ve always been scared of this dream as a little girl and I’m now 13 and have been experiencing this dream quite a lot lately. I would sure love some answers to what this dream might mean and I’m curious of what would happen if the person broke in and what would happen next.
    Best regards,

    • satyabyock


      I’m sorry you’re suffering with this dream. Would it be possible for you to find a therapist in your area to work with you on this dream? I would love for you to have some relief from it all. It’s a good question you ask — what would happen if the person broke in? If you could journal on that question without thinking too much about it… just free write… see what comes. What does the person want? Try to get into their perspective.

      Sending you warm wishes,

  14. Christian

    Hi. My name is christian anf I’m a 17 years old boy and have been having similar dreams as this one. This dream haunts me for as far as i can remember. Mine wasnt only a man. I would descibe them as circus freaks and they would always want to break into my house and i would always stand agaist the door and hold the lock and protect my family. I dont know what i should do

    • satyabyock

      Get a dream journal, Christian. Start writing down your dreams every night you remember them. These are shadow characters for you, parts of your personality that are appearing as weirdos to you because you’re not in relationship with them. Start recording your dreams and if you want to, you can buy books to help you learn more. I’ve recommended a few on my website. You can also find a Jungian therapist to help you further. This will change your life if you pay attention to your dreams. You’ll get rid of the haunting dreams and learn a lot about your life. You’ll be happier.

  15. Avery

    My name is Avery. It is currently 2:38 am. I just woke up from a terrible dream. The setting takes place in the same house I have lived 14 of my 15 years, I am home alone and it is night. There was this man, I did not see him, but he was at my garage door (exterior door). He was screaming “Where is Emily?!?! She is from England!!” (that is weird because I do not know a girl name Emily from England.) I called 911 and ran to my gun safe and grabbed a pistol. I hid in my room with the gun until the cops came and took him away.

    • satyabyock

      Avery — this might seem strange, but this man is a part of you. He’s showing up in your dream as an aspect of yourself, but you’re afraid of him so you’re shutting him away. The problem is he’s only showing up in your dreams, so calling the cops and getting your gun is not going to help you.

      I strongly encourage you to pay attention to this dream and others like it. You’ll have more. Get a book of some kind and start writing these dreams down. Notice the similarities of men who are trying to chase you, or homeless men, or thieves. They are what’s called “the shadow” of your self-perception. If you can get a feel for these men, they’ll transform into something you’re no longer afraid of. But this requires work. You’ll probably choose not to bother. I hope you do. It will change your life and make you a happier person throughout your life.

  16. Lily

    My dream wasn’t like the one above…in my dream a man dressed as a police man enters the house & is very abusive, then a gang of young men try (& some succeed) in entering the house too & then there are people throwing stones at the house as well. It’s all really aggressive & I woke up really freaked out after.

  17. Jo Lock

    Im constantly having nightmares of people trying to break into my house. Each night, multiple times. Last night they were youths cycling up the side of the house! i awake each time, sometimes still in a state of sleep paralysis, and im willing myself awake and trying to force my body to move, i eventually succeed, listen for sounds, assure myself its a dream, eventually drop off and it all starts again. Im a single mum of a young child and this really scares me. i have no fear of being home alone during the day or evening. But when the nightmares come i have to talk myself out of phoning my ex and asking him to come sleep on the sofa! It was my decision to split two years ago. he didnt handle it too well and has suffered with mental health issues ever since. as myself and son are the onky people he really has it is up to me to support him which i am beginning to resent, as it is holding me back from moving on with my own life. could the two be connected??

  18. Ron

    Hi – I’m not in the age range of people you work with. I’m 62. Anyway, I’ve had intermitten intruder dreams since I was an adolescent. When younger, they frightened me very much. I would try and try to yell in the dresm but couldn’t seem to make words. I’d be trying to get away from the intruder. I’d sometimes wake up hearing a remnant of the sounds I was making.
    As I’ve gotten older, in the dreams I’m not quite as frightened. At the same time, I started to trying and strike the person. There have been times when I wake up during the dream when trying to get out of bed to fight off intruder. In one a few months ago, I actually picked up something next to the night stand (highly unusual I know) to hit intruder. I thought it was a milk bottle. One of those old style ones. I woke up drenched. I’d actually picked up a carrafe on the nite stsnd. I knew this because carafe was upside down and the bed sheets were soaked. Unfortunately it had been filled with cranberry juice. I had one last eve. It seemed almost as if I was the intruder. I kept trying to hit him but couldn’t. My swings went through him. I had a sense that I was dresming. I knew I was after I hit the night table. Hurt my hand.

  19. Aletha

    Does anyone know what it means when you dream of someone trying to break into your house (childhood home when I was 10) but the person is my husband? I’m frantically trying to lock all the windows and doors in my dream and he’s trying to break in through them. Our son is right next to me in my dream as well. Horrible to dream I felt like my husband wanted to hurt me he was very sad and just wanted to get into the house but an altercation had happend but I couldn’t remember what?

  20. Elina

    I also dreamed about someone breaking in my house, he would walk around as I was laying in my bed and I couldn’t move. I would just watch him. At some point he came to me and put his fingers in my ears, I could here whistling then he stopped and said that he had just read a note about his friend telling him I would be laying there and that he was sorry. I know kinda weird haha.

  21. Deitra

    I just woke up from a similar nightmare to the one being described. This is one of my reoccurring nightmares but it isn’t always in the same house, and sometimes it’s in a camper instead. Also I never actually see the person trying to break in, it’s just the shape of a figure, or a shadow, or just a sound. For instance the one I just woke up from, I’m in a small trailer house (I’ve never lived in a trailer house, and I don’t recognize the one I’m in, in the dream). I’m watching TV sitting in a chair with my back to the only window. Suddenly the shadowed shape of a person appears agains my TV. Which in waking time I realize would have to mean some sort of bright light is coming from behind the person standing outside the window for the projection of their shadow to be on my TV, but when I get up to go to the window it’s completely dark outside and I can’t see anything let alone the shape of a person. Usually in the nightmare I’m just really scared, but sometimes I’m angry. In this particular one I was angry as well as afraid. I knocked on the window and yelled at the person to go away. Then I went back to watching Tv and after a little bit the shadow fell across my TV again, and I hear a knock on the glass window. I again get up knock on the window and angrily tell the person watching to go away, and then go back to my seat to watch TV. The third time I see the shadow and hear a knock, I get up again and start screaming out the window for whoever is out there to go away and stay away from me, and I begin to knock on the window again, and that’s when my anger suddenly fleas and I feel a deep bone chilling fear. Because the window is open.
    I quickly try to slam it shut but a pare of hands (I can’t tell wether they are male or female hands), suddenly reach through and try to push the window up. After a struggle I manage to get the window closed and locked. Then I move to the front door realizing it’s unlocked and manage to lock it just as the knob begins to rattle. My fear grows during this period, and in my waking life I’m not claustrophobic but in the nightmare the thought of being trapped in the small house, adds to the fear I’m already feeling. In some of the other versions of this nightmare I’m in a big house, so in those this feeling of being trapped by the house itself isn’t so prominent. Anyways after locking myself in the house the figure appears in the house, no broken windows no open doors, everything is still locked but the person is in my house. This is where this nightmares differs from the rest. In this one the shape of a person is standing in the bedroom doorway watching me and as i the dear becomes to overwhelming at seeing this person locked inside with me I woke up. In the other nightmares the sudden knowledge that the person is in my house, is where it turns into a sort of horror film type dream. In all the other nightmares this person is usually hiding, in a closet, under a bed, behind a closed shower curtain. And I know they are there and I go looking for them and as I slowly reach out to open the door, the shower curtain, or bend down to look under the bed, I always know I’m going to find this person In that particular spot, but I’m unable to do anything but open the door or curtain or bend down far enough to see under the bed. And whoever it is hiding they wait patiently for me to do this, and when I finally do that’s when they pop out at me sometimes chasing me through the house, and then I wake up. As far as the shadowed figure goes I know absolutely nothing about them, I don’t know the gender, the age (although I do know the person isn’t a child, even when I was a child having these nightmares the person was never a child) I only know this because the figure is too tall to be a kid, but I’m not sure if the person is taller than I am. Maybe the same height but I know they aren’t shorter. That’s the only thing I know about the figure.

  22. Deitra

    I’d have to say though it’s by no means the only nightmare with an unknown figure in it, who is either chasing me hunting me or waiting for me to find it.

  23. Sabrina

    I dreamt 2 people tried to break in. I dust noticed them sitting on a telephone wire outside (noticed one then the 2nd) I opened the window to talk to them,when the talker older 40’s) guy tried to grab me. I yelled for my ex and told himmm to grab a gun and when he came out he just started pulling me out of the guys arms. All 4 of us fought a bit and I ran for thw gun when i tried to load it the clip had only one bullet in it so I scrambled to find another clip. I finally found it and I went back out or my ex was still fighting and I used the gun to beat the people in the head once they were knocked out we just left them on the floor. As they started to wake up I beat them in the head once more. Then my ex brought handcuffs out and we handcuffed the larger gentleman. I thought originally it was two men but while they were sitting inside I realized one was a female younger maybe late teens early twenties. My ex left the room. As they started to wake back up again we started talking I don’t remember what the discussion was they were asking to just go but there was more than that I don’t remember. As they were talking to me they were all so distracting me even though I was looking right at them I didn’t notice until it was too late that they were wriggling out of the handcuffs. I threatened to shoot if they didn’t stop then they continued and ignored my threats I went to pull the trigger when I did the gun jammed. I threatened I could do it again but I never tried.When they got out of the handcuffs I screamed for my ex again he never showed they just wanted to leave and they did they just walked out the back door. Then my ex came down the hall and told me I needed to be quiet because his parents were in the other room. That was when I woke up. It’s weird because three days ago my ex needed a place to stay and I let him move in I’ve been dreaming ever since these are the first Dream I’ve been waking up remembering in a long time maybe even years this one is different than the others the other dream were an animal fight that left my dog injured the other animal was a wild animal and then the next dream after that was I was getting a large amount of money from the bank I had a check from Wells Fargo.

  24. Amber

    I recently found out a guy i have been dating for the past year has been engaged for the last year. I only found out after speaking with his fiance. When he found out that we both know what he had been doing he became angry and denied knowing me. Two weeks later i had a dream of him driving a damaged truck with a broken windshield. He was coming to see me in the dream. I was looking out the window then he drove off really fast. What does this mean.

    • satyabyock

      This doesn’t mean just one single thing. You’ve endured a significant trauma of betrayal. I’d strongly encourage you to seek-out a psychodynamic and/or trauma therapist with whom you can work on your experiences and dreams.

  25. Lisa B

    I dreamt about something breaking into my house I am currently staying in.The person cut the door and got into the house.He stole my tv But left his tiny tv in the house.I got up so frightened as the next morning I had to walk to the bus stop thinking that I will get robbed.What does this dream means?

  26. June

    I must disagree with some of this thinking. As a child and then into adulthood I had a recurring chase dream. After having my three children, my panic attacks began. Soon I saw The Face of the chaser. It was my uncle who had sexually abused me–and my 3 sisters-as children for years with torture and death threats. Sometimes it isn’t your shadow but a Real Live Evil Person chasing you from your past. Thank you.

    • satyabyock

      You’re absolutely right — thank you for sharing that. My own thinking on this dream theme has evolved since I wrote this. I try to outline in other posts that nightmares can have a variety of causes, some of them avoidance of inner material, others trauma. Sometimes the goal is to accept what wants to come in, and sometimes it is to fight like hell.

      Tough to distinguish sometimes. Thank you for your critical eye, and best wishes to you.

  27. Ellena Navarro

    What about when someone is trying to come in and one of your kids lets them in then you go and stab the person to protect your family? So does this mean I am trying to destroy some aspect of myself?

    • satyabyock

      It’s very hard to say what this means with so little information, and not exploring it together, so take this with a grain of salt — but I would explore what about that child’s identity or development you may be uncomfortable with. As always, explore carefully what the figure your kid let in felt like, looked like, etc. See what he/she reminds you of. Start slowly. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Just work with the image over time and see if it reocures.

      • artsaddiction

        Well my son has been recently diagnosed with ADHD and I am having a difficult time adjusting with his hyperactivity. I am stressed a lot of the time. That may explain my yelling at him to stop and him not listening. As for the man that he let in he was thin with a white sleeveless T-shirt on and jeans and close shaved hair. I’ll have to look into that more. Thank you it is becoming more clear for me now.

  28. Kristine Pullen

    Hello Satya,
    I have had a recurring dream that someone is breaking into my home. I never see them, but I knowill it’s happening. I never remember my dreams after I’m awake, but have recently started remembering small parts. I was inside the house always, but not a house I recognize. Windows and doors being shaken. But last night I was waking up to a house that was mine and the door had been kicked in. I was with someone and we ran away. Not sure who they were. I was with many people when I was in the house the last time I had the dream. Children and adults, but I don’t know them. That’s all I remember. Never the same house.

  29. Jessica

    Hello! I have a similar problem. I sometimes dream that I’m alone in my house and someone is ringing the bell and when i go to see who’s there there’s no one. So after some time I hear my brother’s/mother’s/father’s voice saying that I need to let them in, but when i look again there’s no one. And the third time someone tries to break in but I can’t see who, because I wake up. Yesterday I had a similar dream, but I was into my grandma’s house with her. She lives alone. And we were talking when we heard the front door opening. We were wondering who’s there and after some time we heard my brother’s voice saying that I should let him in. It was terrifying beacause at the same time someone was triyng to open the another door (we have two doors) and that someone probably has recorded my bro’s voice? I didn’t see who was at the door, but I pushed the door and told my grandma to take a chair and we were going to place it in front of the door. After that I got all scared and woke up. Can you help me? I don’t know who’s at the door but it is pretending it’s my relative.

    • satyabyock

      Try to sit with this when you are awake, with a journal in front of you, when you can be uninterrupted. Stay with the feeling that arises in the dream. Don’t think too much about it, don’t try to figure it out. Just see what the feeling — the fear, the hesitation etc. — brings up. What does it remind you of? See where it leads you. Do this repeatedly if you don’t uncover much at first. Something in your life wants to be seen. Try to be with it and see what you learn.

    • Jessica

      Hi so I haven’t had this dream since I last wrote in 2017, but now it’s back. I just dreamed that some people (I didn’t see their faces) broke in my apartment. My parents told me about it, because I had been asleep while the people broke into my home. I felt frightened and really unsafe, I started crying and asking my parents how did the people manage to break in and why they didn’t take anything or wake up anyone. It does not sound scary at all, but i was terrified when I woke up. I think I never see the people’s faces, because they aren’t important. The important thing is always the fact that someone wants to or breaks into my home.

  30. castleakita2

    I wish my nightmares were as kind. The closest I have to this is a mob trying to get into my home, there are just so many I cannot keep them out. Why they are trying to hurt me I do not know but I am running from window to windows trying to secure my home when I realize I cannot stop them, it is then that I see one of them has my Akita outside now my companion died many years ago this dream has only recently added him. I see them pulling him by a rope on the ground into the woods behind my old home, he’s bleeding that is when I run out screaming not to hurt him that is when I wake up yelling in a cold sweat. For years now since my first cancer they started I have now beaten my fourth but the nightmares never stop.

    • satyabyock

      You might want to pick up a dream book, like “Portal to the Source.” This is an excellent book for the exploration of dream images. Your body is certainly under attak from the cancer, which is likely reflected in these dreams. But what else? I strongly encourage you to explore it more in depth, and with compassion for your body. Your dreams are trying to communicate.

  31. Betty

    Well in my dream this guy was let in by my son because the guy was looking for the lady of the house but didn’t know me it was 1130 at night and I had got him out and he tried to get back in and when I woke it was 1134 and my door was unlocked 😥

  32. Lynne

    I have had similar dreams over past year, it’s not in my house though, I’ve no clue where I am , someone always asks me to make sure all windows are closed and as I walk into this room it’s a big room and I go round checking all windows and just as I’m getting to last one all I see is a hand coming up and a torch shine a little I jump back and fall over I try to scream , shout out as the torch gets brighter but I can’t and that wakes me up with a fright, I’ve had this same dream 4 times this year and dream never gets further as I always wake at same bit , but I must admit I am on a journey in my life and have been meditating for past few years and had visitations from loved ones in spirit, and always had things happen to me when younger but was always afraid, so never actually took this forward and have been to some top mediums and they have picked this up from me and told me on many occasions that I have to consider carrying on my journey in this , but the dream does make me wary and I do wonder if that is a sign to carry on .

    • satyabyock

      I would strongly encourage you to find an EMDR trauma therapist. Trauma can often not be relieved through spiritual or mindful means, because it’s locked in the body. Your body / brain need to get involved in a different way. I hope this is helpful to you.

  33. Jas

    I’ve had a similar dream, I was in my car which was parked on the drive of a house I’ve never seen before and a guy opened the passenger door and tried to steal my bag which was on the seat, I was shouting to my parter for help and I managed to grab my bag and lock the door. The guy then picked up a brick and started smashing
    The car lights and damaging the car and my partner ran out with a knife, we then went indoors once the guy ran off. There was a bang at the back door and my partner was trying to keep people from breaking into our house from the back then the guy who tried to rob me broke into the front door of the house and was standing in the hall way staring at me it was so scary he was a young guy around 25s I kept pushing him away to keep him out and he finally left, I looked out the window and he had left in a taxi but but both of our cars had been stolen.

  34. Anjali

    Hi Satya,

    I’ve had a similar dream where I visited my boyfriend’s house for the first time and the house was totally robbed by afternoon. All his wealth was gone, I saw his mother in torn clothes yet smiling and making food for me. Does that mean I’m a bad luck to his family? Hope you would help me on this.

    • satyabyock

      I regret that I do not have the time these days to work on dream interpretations, but I can tell you that this dream does not mean that you are bad luck for his family. I imagine that are many more details that would illuminate the dream. If you can find a Jungian psychotherapist to work with, you might do so. I also do occasional phone appointments if you’d like to schedule one — you can see my website at quarterlifecounselor.com
      Best wishes

  35. Niki

    I just had a dream similar to this, but in my dream I knew a few of the people that were breaking into my house it’s kind of creepy to me. And even when I wake up I remember the dream so vividly. I was wondering what it means when you know the people that are breaking into your house and trying to basically come in like it’s their house instead of my house.

  36. Winsome

    I often have a dream about somebody trying to break in to my house as well. I’ve probably had this dream 3-4 times now. The first time was completely different to what it is now.
    The first dream (which is similar to what it is now, same thing happens but different scenario) was that I was being framed for I suppose murder? I don’t exactly remember. My every move was being watched. There were cops disguised as regular people waiting outside my driveway, and across the street, waiting for me to leave my house. What I remember, and this always seems to be the same place each time I dream about somebody waiting outside for me or somebody trying break in. This always starts in the kitchen and I realize somebody is trying to get me to leave my house. I end up keeping low from the windows from my kitchen, as I go to my room upstairs, and I check if anybody is there, which nobody is, then I quickly close my curtains. This dream I had my mom in it and the police rang the doorbell and my mom opened and they were having a conversation that I had committed a crime and my mom says I would never commit a crime. But they don’t believe my mom so they leave and still wait outside for me to come out. They don’t even know if I’m home or not. Then the last point I remember from this dream was that they all swarmed my house saying that I had to leave or they’ll come in. Then the dream ended there and I haven’t had this one since.

    The other dream that’s extremely similar is that it starts the same, me being in my kitchen and me keeping low from the windows and running upstairs to my room, seeing if anybody is outside my window, and nobody is, so I close them. Sometimes they would have them knocking on the glass window, jiggling the doorknob, or trying to guess my number key pad lock. Just today being awoken from the dream, in the dream I received a text from a number that was saved but it wasn’t saved as the number, but a sentence that I don’t quite remember, the text saying ‘I’m outside waiting for you.” This is the first time this happened. After running up to my room and closing the curtains I always debate if I should call my mom and dad, but I never do, and right as I’m about to click their contact, they come home and I wake up.

    I would love to understand this type of dream more and what it’s trying to tell me!

  37. Anonymous

    i had a dream were i’m lying in my room in the dark and i feel a foot so i scream down to my mum about a stranger in the house but she ignores me i keep screaming and nothing so i run downstairs and try and warn her theirs a stranger in the house and she is sitting there in the dark talking on the phone and she hardly reacts i start smashing stuff trying to get her to react then she lies down and start feeling sorry for her self and i’m still standing there screaming theres a stranger in the house i start moaning about how no one listening to me and she says sorry then the stranger walks in the room the stranger looks like a shadow and i scream again theres a stranger in the room she says i can’t see him he comes towards us and i tackle him during the whole dream their was no lights on in the whole house

  38. shellmechelle72

    I keep having a dream where there is a person in my house. Sometimes it is different houses that I have never lived at and sometimes it’s the house where I grew up. Sometimes it’s people I know and other times it’s just a voice. It scares me to the point I wake out of the dream and cannot go back to sleep. I have probably had these dreams for the past 5 years.

    • shellmechelle72

      Satya, do you know what that means to the above question. It isn’t like anyone is trying to hurt me, but someone is always in my house and no one lives there besides my 22 year old son and myself and sometimes he’s in the dream too after I hear something knowing someone is in my house and ask him if he hears it also, and he says I can hear him talking. It’s so strange. I do not know what this dream means at all. But I have it pretty regularly.

      • satyabyock

        Hi there — I regret that I do not have the time any longer to engage with interpretation here. You’re welcome to schedule an appointment with me! quarterlifecounselor.com – or I’d encourage you to find a Jungian analyst in your area with whom you can work on this dream. If it’s a regular dream, it’s certainly worth exploring the question of what it’s trying to say to you.

  39. Alexandra

    I met a guy last year and had some dreams before actually meeting him, we hung out a few times but there wasn’t enough in common to keep it going, he moved on with another girl (briefly) but I have been dreaming of him since last year a few times a week ,he’s ALWAYS following me or watching me in the dream ,no matter what I’m doing .I try and avoid him .He contacts me every 2 months via text to see how I’m doing and I just keep dreaming of him.I finally got sick of it because I wanted to know what he wanted from me so a couple of nights ago I finally said before bed time this is enough! What do you want!! Well that night in my dream- I was in a house and I saw a room with a bed and him in it so I quickly passed the room in hopes he didn’t notice me and I ran into a nice couple and started to chat with them, well seconds later here he comes furious with me he tapped me and said “I’ve been waiting for 40 minutes” and then he gave me his password written down. I had no clue to what that was but I think it answered my question?!? Any thoughts?

  40. C

    Last night I had a dream I was in a big house. My gran and I were alone. In the beginning I had a feeling that someone wanted to come in and harm us. I went to the back door and it wasn’t locked and just as I locked it he banged against the door. I closed all the curtains but everywhere I was he was too. I physically felt that my chest was aching. I didn’t recognise the house nor the man. I remember I was constantly checking my phone and tried to press the panick button several times. Just when I looked outside he came to the window and that’s when I woke up.
    Please help xx

  41. C

    Last night I had a dream in a big house. My gran and I were alone. In the beginning I had a feeling that someone wanted to come in and harm us. I went to the back door and it wasn’t locked and just as I locked it he banged against the door. I closed all the curtains but everywhere I was he was too. I physically felt that my chest was aching. I didn’t recognise the house nor the man. I remember I was constantly checking my phone and tried to press the panick button several times. Just when I looked outside he came to the window and that’s when I woke up.
    Please help xx

  42. Susanna Farley


    I wonder if you could help me understand a series of persistent house-themed nightmares I am having – the latest one featuring a break in?

    To start with the former, which have been persistent over some months now. The house which features in all the dreams is not one with which I am familiar; it is not a house I have ever lived in. However, the layout of the rooms is consistent. It starts off with me being in this house with a vague feeling of foreboding; there are a number of people there, both males and females, although the females seem to feature more. They seem to be young adults, and although in waking life, I am nearly seventy years of age, I too am a young woman in the dream.. At first the other people in the house are kind and supportive, but my feeling of unease grows and grows until I am convinced that despite appearances, their intentions towards me are evil. I then try to leave the house. but cannot get out. I find that the series of rooms is infinite and that each door, instead of leading to a passage or an exit, leads to yet another room, which leads to yet another, and another. This seems to suggest that the dwelling was either some kind of tenement, or a really large mansion although the furniture was sparse and tatty, far from opulent or suggestive of wealth. Whilst I am trying to leave, increasingly desperate, people in the house, usually other women, try to block my exit. I am in terror, and it is at this point that I wake.

    I have had this deeply disturbing dream on a fair few occasions now, over the last year . Last night for the first time I had a dream that featured house invasion. The house featured was different from the usual one described above and seemed to be a small, Victorian house (I live in a small Victorian house, but the house in my dream was not the one I currently live in). Again, in this scenario, I seemed to be young – a child, adolescent or young adult. There were also two adult women in the house – one was certainly my mother and the other, I think, was my maternal grandmother. At this point there was a knock on the front door which I did not wish to answer as I was convinced that the person(s) on the other side wished to harm us. I tried to rouse my mother and grandmother from sleep, initially without success. The knocking became more persistent and I came to understand that there were a number of juveniles – children and.or adolescents – trying to force their way in. I stood at the back of the door desperately trying to keep it closed. Someone on the other side was trying to use a key to get in, whilst yet another was trying to break through the wooden panel at the bottom of the door. Eventually the wood splintered and a girl with an evil look in her eye broke through, followed by others, both male and female. At that point I saw that other intruders were also in the house; I understood that they had managed to break in through the windows. Most of these were adult men and women, one man, I recall, was quite elderly. I tried to fight back by throwing buckets of water at them and managed to injure or kill some of them – I remember some outstretched, motionless on the floor. I then noticed a man who was trying to keep out even more intruders who were coming in through another window – this was the first time he had featured in my dream. I asked him, “Have they hurt you?”, and he replied, clutching his chest, “Yes”. As to the identity of the man, at first he appeared to be my late father in middle age, but then seemed to morph into my husband. At that point I awoke and was unable to sleep again for over an hour.

    Has anyone any ideas?

  43. SHAY

    I have been having this dreams for many years where it’s like a group of people are trying to break into my home and what seems like try to kill me and my family. It’s me in the house that I lived in my whole life, along with my grandmother and sisters. I have this dream about 2-3 times a month and it’s always the same thing. The people in my dream break windows and sometimes they resemble people i know but mostly they are people that i don’t know or have never seen before. It’s a very scary and weird dream because in the dream it’s like I’ve been put into a situation to protect my family at any cost. When i wake up from the dream i just sit still for a while, i know it’s fake now because i have dreamt it so many times but I just feel this sense of what if, what if they would have gotten to my family and me.

  44. Amanda

    I had a dream I was in my childhood home. I went to the kitchen to put away some artisan sandwiches I thought tasted really good. I didn’t want them to go to waste. I noticed outside of the kitchen window a man holding a camera. He was pointing it in the direction of an old dilapidated garage. It was dusk and he wasnt very visible. I could see he was dressed like a contractor with shoulder length blonde hair. He had large square shoulders and had an air of authority. We used to have a sliding glass window in the kitchen. I cracked it open and yelled to him “May I help you?” Quite aggressively. My childhood home was exclusive in sense of where it sat on the property; far away from the main road. No one came to our door unless they had business there. I wanted him to know he wasn’t welcome and I wasn’t fearful of him either. He told me he’d been sent by the township but didn’t specify why. His voice was clipped and angry. He didn’t like to be challenged or questioned. I thought it could be about that damn garage. It was so old, maybe they wanted it torn down. It didn’t explain however why he was there unannounced, almost in the dark. His presence alarmed me as well as the aggressiveness in his voice. He came to the window and I shut it. He demanded to come in. I picked up my phone to call 911. I wanted this man removed from my home. He became more and more aggressive as he realized I was calling the police. While on the phone, he began bashing in the door. Something shifted in my dream. Perhaps the perception more than the actual door. I knew he was going to get in. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him. I knew he would hurt me and it was only a matter of time. I begged the dispatch to come as soon as possible. I begged her to hurry knowing that it wouldn’t be soon enough. The last thing I felt was his grip on my arm before I woke up. This dream feels particularly out of place for me. I fairly decent with self awareness. I dream of nightmares often due primarily I hope to a large imagination. Usually however it relates to some aspect of my life. I am unable to connect the dots on this one. Please help me understand what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

  45. Anonymous

    you’re a fucking idiot. who in their right goddamned mind thinks that the “good thing” out of this is a strange man that you interpret as scary is breaking into your home/personal space. this is wrong, and you are creating dangerous situations by advocating for this. fucking idiot.

  46. Emily Volaski

    I’ve this dream twice now. It was of two young girls (maybe around late 20’s) coming to my open window and taunting me with words. When I would approach the window to confront them them they would reach their hands into the window, breaking the screen and try to not just grab but just touch my arm and hands. When they were doing this they were laughing uncontrollably. They are always laughing as they taunt me in this dream. Can you help me understand what this means? It’s becoming a very stressful dream for me and I’m not sure how to deal with it/interpret it so I can move on from it

  47. Ufigureitout

    I had an incredibly vivid dream last night…I was in a new house (in real life I am getting ready to move, but the house was not the same) and heard a noise or something outside. I remember opening the front door and seeing (what was seemingly) a gang of 5-6 people standing there looking at me. The one closest to the door just stared at me with these dead eyes and I remember being like ‘he has a gun!’, though I never did actually see one. I slammed the door terrified. I ran to my boyfriend in the other room (no idea who this guy was in real life, I don’t have a boyfriend). He offered to move in with me so I wouldn’t feel threatened by people breaking in. My only stipulation was that he stay in the room upstairs as I have kids and didn’t want them getting the wrong idea. Then all of the sudden, I was laying in bed. One of the ‘gangsters’, a woman that was standing right next to the guy with dead eyes earlier, appeared out of no where. A glittery aura shining around her, she felt full of life and peace. She was an angel of sorts, kind of like the ghosts of Christmas past/present/future Scrooge had show up. As it turned out, she told me the whole gang that I thought was trying to break in, were all these different types of angels paying me a visit. I had nothing to be scared of. She said she had something to show me, though I either can’t remember what or we never got that far. Sadly, I had to wake for work. I’ve been reflecting on this all day <3

    • satyabyock

      Try to ask him what he wants. Write a dialogue with him. Or ask him in your mind. Don’t assume you know the answer… enter the imaginal space and ask him…

  48. Adrienne

    Hello! Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it. I have been having dreams where someone is trying to break into my home also. The first time I had it, my boyfriend had left for work (very early in the morning) I heard him shut the door and I turned over and went back to sleep I then start having this dream that I’m hearing things like stuff moving or falling. I get scared and tell myself it’s fine, it’s nothing. Then I hear the door open. I start to panic. I wake up and go to the front door and check it. It’s locked. I then walk around my home and didn’t see anything. The dream seemed SO real though. The second time I had this dream I had laid down for a nap and knew my boyfriend would be home for lunch in about and hour. I feel asleep and start dreaming of my and my niece in my home just talking like normal. Then I hear stuff outside. I just ignore it. Then I hear it again so I decide to take a look out the window. I see a person walking around my house. It’s too dark to see if it’s a man or woman. I go and tell my niece and she said she went and looked out another window and saw the person too. She starts to panic. She said that she saw that person a little bit ago looking in our windows but didn’t say anything to me and just blew it off. I tell her to go into my room. I go to my room and get my gun. By the time I grab my gun and walk out of my room I turn the corner and there the person is. Standing there with a gun pointed at me. I panic and try to load my gun. I’m struggling and I can’t figure out why it’s not cocking. I glimpsed at the person and wonder why they aren’t shooting me. The person is a woman, with brown hair and a white shirt. Then I wake up.

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