“Traffic, Accidents, Waves, a Tsunami!” A Dream Interpretation.

Dear Satya:

Q: I am driving with a passenger and I have to turn down a side road to avoid some traffic. After I turn, I have to stop because I see cars being picked up by water (like the images from the Japanese tsunami), so I turn around again, only to see a pile-up of cars and big trucks, as if an accident just happened. I was never really scared, it just felt like a lot of obstruction.

A: This dream’s events have you turning in all directions, trying to move forward, presumably trying to get somewhere in particular, but encountering obstacle after obstacle that prevents you from getting there. And these obstacles are not insignificant. First it’s just traffic, but after the second turn you encounter tsunami like waves, and then after your third turn, you see a huge pile-up. You don’t feel in danger, but would it be fair to say you’re exasperated?

Cars in dreams tend to represent who we are, and how we are, out in the world. Whereas houses can symbolize our more introverted psyches, cars can stand-in for our egos out and about (they’re the structures – like snails’ shells – in which we move around the outside world). These obstructions that are keeping you from getting where you’re going in your dream suggest to me one of two things: 1) that you may be pushing forward too hard in life these days and may need to step back a little bit to come back into balance, i.e. perhaps you should pull the car over and carefully consider what the best next step is to get where you need to go; 2) as the obstruction is related to other cars at each turn, it might be worth exploring what has been going on socially for you lately. Are you feeling blocked, hurt, exhausted, frustrated, by other people out in the world? Finally, I wonder, what roadblocks are you encountering in your life these days that are preventing you from going where you’d like to go?

I generally suggest enhanced self-care (even canceling some work) when these kinds of dreams appear — they can serve as warnings that our awareness is distracted, or our will-power out-of-balance, and real danger can result if we don’t take a break. They can be indications that we need to take some time to slow-down and assess where we’re going. The fact that you are not scared in the dream, despite the seeming catastrophes you’re encountering, leads me to wonder if you are similarly overlooking some difficulties in your waking life that need attention.

Don’t skimp on self-care and down-time these days!

Do you have a question about your dreams? Send me an email! satya@quarterlifecounselor.com

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