“I am a Bear Apprentice in a Bear Market.” A Dream Interpretation.

Dear Satya:

Q: I am an apprentice bear following around an old grouchy bear who doesn’t want to be followed around. I am supposed to make Old Bear a meal of grass, so we go to a bear market. Nobody is very friendly, least of all Old Bear, and I have trouble picking up the grass from the vegetable coolers with my paws. We sit at a table in the back of the market because Old Bear knows everybody there and he lets me eat some of his grass and I get him to tell me some of his life story. I feel like I am finally making progress in my bear apprenticeship. Then we go sit outside on the grass, everything is so colorful. Both of us feel sleepy and accomplished and I fall asleep. Then there is a gun in my face! Two hunters are pointing guns at us. Old Bear tells me not to move, even though I wouldn’t have anyway. They tie his paws and then mine and they hoist us over their shoulders. Then I start flipping back and forth between being Young Bear and being myself at about age twelve (I’m now 20). I’m running after the hunters. Then I am 12 years old, barefoot, stopping suddenly: both of the hunters with their bears have disappeared. I stumble forward and realize we were at the edge of a ravine. There is no way either of the hunters had made it, carrying bears, but I can’t see any of them below. I stand up and it is very quiet, except for the sound of the water two hundred feet down. I feel very calm. 

A: What an incredible dream – and beautifully composed (I sadly had to edit down the richness of the original dream to make it suit our purposes here). I have a hunch this is a big “what-is-the-path-of-my-life” dream, so I’m going to do my best to give you a few toe holds here for your continued work. You’ll want to keep doing some exploration and amplification (research into the mythological and historical root of dream symbols). To get you off and running, this is some of what I notice in the dream…

I notice first that you are 20 and that you (in astute observation of the dream) are also 12 years old at various times in the dream. You are 12 when you find yourself staring down a ravine. A ravine is, concisely defined, “a deep, narrow gorge with steep sides.” It’s a scary place to be standing at the edge of, but you see that down there is water… the spring of life? A place for cleansing? A place one might hope to get to, after some effort and sweat and tears of the journey down…? What were your hopes for the future when you were 12? Where did you hope to get to after your dedication and effort? And what may have happened recently for that dream-for-the-future to be reignited?

Before you found yourself at this ravine in this dream, you were still 20 and were startled awake by serious danger. If we were working together therapeutically, I would want to explore at length with you what your major shocks have been recently, as well as traumas or shocks that occurred in childhood at this time. The sudden appearance of a gun in your face when you were blissfully asleep, resulting in the flip-flopping of age, suggests to me a major shock in childhood, something that took you by surprise and shattered your notion of what life was at the time. An existential tragedy and forced awakening? Alternately, this same image could be reflecting something that has happened recently that’s bringing your psyche back to those pastures of childhood, long tucked away and forgotten. Take some time to explore what this might be pointing to.

I’d be curious too about your mother and your relationship with her around that time and now. I mention your mother because the Bear symbol can represent Mother archetypally (the personal mother or the divine mother), but also because you commented on the mother-child relationship of bears in your response to my request for your associations. I must admit that I’ve been imagining a grizzly bear, although I realize I don’t know what kind of bear was in your dream… and this is a critical detail for understanding the meaning more. The specificity of different animals are important indicators of the specificity of instinct and behavior being mirrored in the psyche. Each animal reflects different parts of our instincts or body of our beings. In general, bears are not terribly social animals. In fact, after childhood and childrearing, they mostly live alone. Their true behavior is counter to their gathering together in your dream, so I’m curious about this incongruence. I wonder if you’re still seeking something from childhood that is incongruent to the stage of life you’re now in, and/or if you might be a more solitary person by nature than you have been allowing in your life.

In general, we are circling around issues of intimacy and relationship and how that all works for you as you come into yourself as an adult. (It’s notable too that the number 2 comes up so regularly in your dream. I wish we had more space here for all the neglected symbols!) I’m curious in the same vein about your current work environment and your history with mentors. My sense from the dream is that you are eager for a mentor and eager for someone to show you the way into life. You are seeking your way in the world and would love a wise mentor from whom to learn. Your eagerness seems not to be fulfilled, however. Have you made yourself content with scraps of mentorship, convinced they’re teaching you what you need to know? The image of Grouchy Old Bear might suggest a Mr. Miyagi character, a true master who is grouchy and avoidant until the student proves her unflappable dedication to his art. Is this the case? Or are you trying to remain optimistic when all around you is a reality of underwhelming mentorship? This will be up to you to feel out further. You may long for a Mr. Miyagi figure, as I think most youths do in order to find orientation and inspiration as they come of age. Have you found this person? Or should you seek him inside instead?

Ultimately, what we seek externally is for us to develop internally. Old Bear in this dream, and any guide figure, also reflects your own inner truth and wisdom center that leads you into the world. This dream may be reflecting your deep relationship with your own internal guide, your guide to “the source”, the creative, inspiring source of life reflected by the water in the ravine to which you finally arrive. Take some time to journal on how you know and trust that inner voice inside.

Finally, I wonder too about how your fears about money and financial stability are affecting you. Your dream tells you plainly that you are in a “bear market,” a quite literal note on an economic downturn that may be plaguing your sense of courage to launch into the world. It’s also worth noting that nobody is very friendly there! Bear Markets are not places we want to be when we’re trying to apprentice and find the right path.

You have chosen to learn about the art of being a Bear, my dear. Bears are deeply wise, maternal, and independent creatures. This is a soulful and rich animal that you seek to become. Take this as fact. You may not have found the right mentors or clarity of direction yet, you may not know how to trust the inner guide or which fears to fear and which to launch above. But my sense is that with enough effort and trust in yourself, you will find yourself on your own path, deep down that ravine near the source. After all, it is not until you are all alone in the dream that there is a sense of deep calm. No need to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. No need to face the expectations and demands of anyone, just the personal, incredible journey ahead. 

Have you had a dream like this? Leave a comment and share!

Satya is a Jungian psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in dream work, the quarter-life crisis, and work with individuals in their late teens, 20s, and 30s. www.QuarterLifeCounselor.com


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  2. Anonymous

    I was at a large hotel. And it was full of people. I talked to some, I don’t remember them very well. But I remember that somehow I lost my clothes, and I had to go around in the hotel. I did manage to get a towel as I lost my clothes, and it was too short to go around, one of those little health club type towels. I needed to find a restroom, and I couldn’t. Trying to find a restroom, I went into a wing of the hotel that had a conference going on with lots of people. I felt embarrassed with just my towel, but there was nothing for it, and I pretended that nothing unusual was happening, and people made a show of ignoring this. The conference was attended by some people in dive gear. Not many, just a few. And the lecture was about something that I don’t remember, but it was interesting to me at the time. I walked upstairs when the lecture was over and out into the hallway, (the lecture hall was a steep auditorium style, like a college) and there was a very deep swimming pool there between where I was and the lobby of the hotel. There was a walkway around the pool, but I decided it would be better to swim, perhaps because it would explain my lack of clothing better. I had this big, fancy clock, rather heavy, that I was carrying. I was aware I had been carrying it the whole time, although I didn’t remember its weight prior to this. I gave up on the towel and held onto the clock, then got in the pool. (I love the water usually.) When I got in the pool to get to the other side, the waters were glowing as if with bright lights underneath, but I couldn’t see the lights so it looked like the water itself was glowing bright. Maybe it was. The pool was so deep you couldn’t see the bottom, an immense depth, I knew without going down there.

    Crossing the pool I let the clock slip out of my arms. The clock went down into the deep and disappeared pretty rapidly. I watched it out of sight. A diver in the pool swam down after the clock and disappeared. The clock was white with gilt curlicues, very fancy. I got to the other side of the pool, got out, and finally found the restroom after traversing the lobby. I was aware of my nakedness, but I had given up and relaxed about it. I came back to look for the clock and I saw the mask and regulator of a diver pop to the surface. This made me think the diver may have gone too far down and died, or maybe it was a ruse to make me think this so the diver could keep the clock for himself. I wasn’t clear if the diver would give me the clock back, and after waiting around for quite a while, I gave up on that idea like I gave up on the towel.

    I went outside and lay down next to something big, warm and furry. It woke up, and shifted, and I realized it was a huge grizzly bear. I was scared, but people were walking around like nothing was happening, paying no attention. It was like a Disneyland sort of place. It was sunny and pleasant. So I lay there thinking about quickly jumping up and getting away. As I did that, the bear sensed my muscles tensing, and put its paw heavily on my chest. I was trapped. So I started snoring, intentionally, pretending I was totally asleep. This went on for a long time – me wondering if I would get mauled, thinking about what part of me it would bite first – probably the head I decided. The bear pressed lighter and harder. The bear dozed and woke up for a while. I wasn’t sure if it was playing with me in a grim predator’s way or not. There was no way out.

    And then I woke up, because Annie the cat, (AKA Goblin) who is normally not at all vocal, was scratching at the door and meowing – an alarmed sound. She was very upset, more upset than I had ever heard her. I got up and let her in, and she came in, meowing most uncharacteristically. Days go by with not a sound from this cat. Usually she will purr quietly and that’s it. She asks to be fed by head butting, and then going to sit silently with her back turned by her bowl. Once in a while she makes a burbling sound when she’s happy.

  3. Colleen Dracos

    I found your blog by searching. Years ago, I would have dreams about snakes that terrified me often for I did not understand. Then a counselor explained my dreams to me. It’s been sometime since I’ve dreamed. Last night, I dreamed of walking alone in the woods on a warm, clear day. I was carrying my rifle (I don’t own one.) with me when a grizzly bear walked in front of me and he came closer and closer. I became fearful because you’re suppose to fear bears because they are dangerous. The bear brushed near my leg, against my downturned gun, and I was so terrified. Just like I was of the snakes. Upon the bear brushing against me, I work up.

    • satyabyock

      You’ve had an encounter with Bear, Colleen. Explore bears in the world, bears in mythology, bears in your life. Get to know them. Their energy and power is making contact with your life and rather than try to kill it, you’d benefit from letting the contact occur.

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