Another Poop Dream. “I Find the Toilet at the Last Minute.”

toilet-dream-portland-psychotherapyThe following is a short exchange between me and a reader. This is such a common theme in dreams — share your variation on this dream in the comments section and your thoughts on what it might mean for you.

Dear Satya:

This is a dream I’ve been having for the past week on and off: I need to go to the toilet to poop and it feels like it’s just on the edge of coming out. I always find a toilet at the last moment. When I sit down it seems like the poop gets stuck and I always reach out and grab it to remove it from out of me.

The same dream has been going on for two weeks or so. Can I have your insight on this?

Dear Dreamer: 

Often dreams about poop and pooping mirror our emotional digestion. I wonder in what ways you are on the brink of understanding something or allowing something emotional, cathartic, difficult to process through you… and how it may be getting stuck. Take some time to reflect on what’s happening in your life right now and what might be trying to process through you emotionally, or what’s stuck in your relationships and lifestyle. Considering the end of the dream as well, you might ask yourself how you can support this process to move forward and conclude–that is, how you can move past the stuckness in your life.

I hope this is helpful.

Dear Satya:

Thank you very much for your interpretation. I thought along the lines of that, but I wanted to check with someone. I will support this process because it was very clear that yes, I had to lend a helping hand :)

Today I started the process in lines of my lifestyle… and then onto my relationship….sigh, it will be a hard process.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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Have you had a dream like this? Leave a comment and share!

Satya is a psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in dream work, the quarter-life crisis, and work with individuals in their 20s and 30s.

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